Full Vacuum System

The load station is key-operated. The exhauster fan starts once the system is turned on. Users throw their waste through chutes and it is transported directly to the Central Waste Handling Facilities (CWHF) through the pipe network using full vacuum technology. Vacuum suction starts at the loading point making the whole disposal process quick and easy. Trained users are able to lift and throw heavy sacks of garbage at an ease since the vacuum cycle starts at the loading point. In addition, we have a filter system to remove fine particles and odour before it is emitted to the environment.

The best solution to waste management lies at source. Hopper doors are specifically designed to restrict bulky items to be thrown into the load station. These bulky items are normal recyclables. Users are encouraged to separate their waste at source and take recyclable items to the designated area. This revolutionary system moves your waste from the source of generation to where it will be used most sustainably for the benefit of the environment.

STREAM Full Vacuum System is suitable for heavy usage, commercial development in particular.