Mixed Developments

Mixed development, ranging from residential units, office buildings, restaurants, shopping outlets, outdoor parks, entertainment centers, etc. usually have very well built and well planned infrastructure facilitating all utility and services needs of the community. Solid waste also becomes an essential concern as mixed developments can see very large gatherings of people in a complex or a facility. By design, manual labour access to these places becomes rather difficult and collection of garbage without having to disturb residents and visitors becomes near impossible. In order to enhance the quality of the environment and further reducing operational cost in the long term, more and more developers today globally are beginning to take consideration on the most practical way to manage all waste generated. Though into solid waste management now moves into the infrastructure design plan.

Conventional waste collection method has been proven to be no longer efficient in handling the significant amount of waste. Stream is able to design, engineer, supply and install a comprehensive waste management solution to meet development needs.

Maintaining reputation as a quality and caring developer goes beyond just building the property. Commitment towards greener building with lower operational costs, adds value to the development. We have different systems to suit individual development needs:

  • Gravity Vacuum System – suitable for residential and high rise buildings.
  • Full Vacuum System – suitable for commercial developments.
  • Shuttle System – suitable for catering facilities, food and beverage outlets and kitchen waste.
  • Hybrid System (combining all 3 above solutions) – suitable for mixed developments.

STREAM system is a closed underground system which has minimal labour requirements. In addition, all waste stored in the sealed container gets towed from the Central Waste Handling Facilities (CWHF) when filled up, and thus improving the security level around the area.