Our Strategy


As a company that cares about the environment, we are dedicated to ensure our business operations hold tightly to this principle. All aspects of our system are reviewed regularly to ensure that energy efficiency and low carbon emissions remain at the forefront of our product development.

Nowadays, towns and cities face enormous challenges. Unprecedented population growth from rural migration, rising food costs from poorer agricultural output due to climate changes, declining natural resources from over mining and over dependency on hydrocarbons as our primary fuel source are all upsetting the environmental balance and creating more complex living conditions for people around the world.
New and innovative solutions are now essentially needed to assist in overcoming these challenges.
As a world leader in environmental innovation, placed in a unique place of advanced engineering solutions for waste management, we stand at the frontlines of the next era of ecological infrastructure with the best, cleanest and most effective way of handling solid waste. We are primarily focusing our efforts in Asia with a clear vision of moving to Europe and the rest of the world as we work our way building up solid teams to service our worldwide customers.
We charter our strategy forward with a conviction that the world needs to start thinking and caring for itself more and more in its endeavours towards perfection in everything it does.
Year by year, we are growing in stature in this specialised area. Our speedy growth regionally and beyond is derived primarily from our strength in research, development and innovation coupled with the diversified experience and expertise of our employees. This marks the right catalyst for a solution that will bring about equilibrium to the environmental issue in solid waste management.
STREAM is delivering a “Future Ready City” for underground solid waste transportation and collection.


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Within any development, it is beneficial to take advantage of an automated waste collection system, which is a cost effective way of dealing with garbage compared to conventional methods. However, when choosing the right company that offers comprehensive service with a wealth of knowledge to be able to design, install, operate and maintain the system, there is no need to look any further than STREAM. 
STREAM is able to achieve the project requirements by offering a multitude of enhanced standard features for an improved performance and reduced maintenance needs. We aim to develop specialised components tailor to individual project needs and requirements. With the optimisation of stainless steel and mild steel, STREAM delivers high quality components that require less maintenance over the system life cycle. The main underground pipes are coated with fusion bonded epoxy/polyethylene coatings to prevent external corrosion. With all these enhancements, you can be sure that your system is reliable and durable, giving you the best value for your investment.
Once the system is completed, the development will continue to benefit from energy optimisation programme using inverter technology. A full SCADA system (for large developments) will enable operation and maintenance with 24-hour support by STREAM Global E-Management System (GEMS).
So when you choose STREAM as your contractor, you can be assure that you are getting a truly well engineered system from the fastest growing Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS) company in the world, with a solid showcase of references in all types of major residential, commercial, industrial and mixed developments ranging from airports, residential apartments, hotels, convention centres, head of state residences, corporate offices and luxury villas.