Public Area System

Regular Public Outdoor Load Station (Litter Bin System)

This regular public garbage bin system comes in varieties of designs usually defined specifically to a project to suit the aesthetic requirements of the area and the client’s choice based on a predefined selection perfectly suited to a unique public area. The system also eliminates all the problems associated with regular refuse bins in public places such as, overfilled up bins, rodents, pests and foul odour.

It also completely reduces the requirement of regular workers sifting and cleaning up the bins as well as the utilisation of trucks moving around. It significantly reduces the overall operational expenses of a municipality or a facility operator. Besides that, it also enables enrichment of the environmental aspect of a city by reducing the green emissions associated to mobile trucks daily movement.

This system is ideally suited for public parks, high streets, pedestrian walkways, tourist hot spots, boulevards, beach waterfronts, night markets, stadiums and shopping areas. These areas usually have high quantities of shopping, food and drink waste.

The system operation is extremely simple. Public dispose their waste into garbage bins as how they usually do. Bins are automatically cleared up by the automated waste collection system. The bin has an indicator sensor that determines when capacity is reached for automated suctioned clearance. Once triggered, a discharge valve which is connected to the litter bin load station opens up and the waste is sucked through an underground pipe to a central waste handling facility.

Ultra Large Outdoor Waste Loading System

This system is equipped with an integrated feeder unit system enabling single loading points handling tonnes of waste per day.

The Large Outdoor Waste Loading Station is a load station with an opening lid for multiple user models. It can be used by the regular “man on the street” or by workers hauling in large litter garbage bins that can be leaned and tipped over into the waste loading station. It is built with very robust material and can be opened partially or fully. The collection station and underground feeder unit are linked into the vacuum pipes housed in a subterranean chamber. The system is able to handle and remove tonnes of waste and in any form or size that can fit into the opening frame. Large piles of garbage will no longer be a problem in areas equipped with this system.

The system operation is extremely simple, public users and workers are able to throw in all their garbage into the loading points. Waste gets ripped inside the storage chamber and periodically fed into the vacuum pipes. Tonnes of waste can be stored and moved in this manner.

In large crowded public areas, littering is an inherent problem and it is almost impossible to ensure that cleanliness and discipline is maintained especially within diverse gatherings. Our Large Waste Loading Station is ideally suited for events with mammoth sized public gatherings, sporting events, religious pilgrimages and gatherings, political and social rallies, street and musical festivals.